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Level up Practice Series: How to be a Boss!!

Are you contemplating starting your private practice but unsure where to start? Are you looking to become your own boss?'re in the right place!!! COME ON IN and let me be your guide to building a successful business!! 

Before starting my own practice, I was unsure where to start. I found myself overwhelmed with all the "to do's." To ease my anxiety about venturing out on my own, I did a lot of research regarding what was needed to start and be successful. I know it can be a daunting task to "venture" out on your own. I want to help other therapists by providing valuable knowledge and support along their journey.

This course provides everything you need to get started.


What it includes:

Access to all lessons. Including documents and videos


Unlimited lifetime access


30 min consult to answer questions



Full price: $800


3 months of $266.67

Welcome to Level up Practice Series: How to be a Boss!!

You will learn all the information to get started with your private practice. You will receive all the paperwork and marketing information to level up your practice.

-The Basics
-Client forms
-Insurance vs Self-Pay
-Financial Strategies
-Marketing Strategies


Shawneisha Hoover

"With her breadth of knowledge and extensive expertise in the field; she was able to help me strategically create fundamental steps towards my private practice."

Miho T

"She taught me step by step how to start private practice and the instruction was very clear. She made the complicated process simple and easy. I just followed her steps and was able to start private practice quick. I strongly recommend this course."

Full Price: $800


3 months of $266.67

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