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Coaching Package


Are you struggling to build your private practice?  Are you having difficulty building your clientele?  Are you looking for answers on what to do?  If you answer yes, then you are in the right place!!

My coaching package will help you achieve your goal of a successful practice!!

Tura Johnson

Why Choose Me >


I started out in your same shoes. In 2017, I started playing with idea of starting my own practice.  In 2018, I took the leap and started out part time. I started out with one day a week and my slots filled up within a month. Then i added a half day and it filled up within a week.  So i added another day, and the slots filled within 2 weeks.  At the time I maintained a full caseload and waitlist.  In 2019, I decided to leave my full time cushy gov't job and take the leap to full time private practice. Within a month, all four days were full.  And this remains true today.

As a  6 figure income private practice. My goal is to help you prepare to take the leap, assist you in building and maintaining your private practice, and to get you on the path to having a 6 figure income private practice.

$175/hour via phone or Zoom


Package includes the following:


We will assess your business goals and i will assist you in developing a plan to build your private practice.


I will assist you in learning the business skills and tools needed to build and maintain your private practice.


I will assist you in learning the "inside tricks of the business". 


There will be a bi-monthly meeting to discuss progress towards goals. More meetings can be requested if needed. 

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