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  • Tura Johnson, LMFT

Managing Mental Health During these Crazy Times

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

A global pandemic, continued police brutality, racism and natural disasters all make for a nice recipe of increased stress, anxiety, anger and frustration. Recent headlines make for constant reminder about what the Black community has to face on a daily basis. Breonna Taylor’s killers have not been arrested. Less than three months since George Floyd was killed, another unarmed Black man name Jacob Black was shot and seriously injured by the police. A few days later, a White 17-year-old shot and killed two Black Lives Matter protestors while the police did nothing.

When is enough Enough? When will it end? Will it get better? How does one cope with the anger, frustration, stress, anxiety and racism? These are questions that are on everyone’s’ mind. It can be very overwhelming with so much going on. Taking care of yourself during these times are imperative. Here are some tips on how to manage your feelings:

Monitor news consumption

Watching the daily news and reading articles can affect your mental health. This can result in increased anxiety and anger. Look for ways to minimize your news consumption including news from social media outlets. Watching news twice a week or 30 minutes a week.

Self-Care Activities

Engaging in self-care activities will provide space for self and relaxation. Self-care involves doing the things you enjoy. Some activities include reading, gardening, drawing or painting, video games, etc. If unable to think of activities, google can provide a helpful list.



Mediation can help refocus on the present and help ground yourself when feeling anxious, angry, frustrated or stressed. It can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Headspace and Calm are two great apps that provide mediation videos. Also, YouTube has some guided mediation videos.

Prioritize the Basics

This includes getting enough sleep, staying hydrated and eating a meal. Doing the basics can help with focus and being less irritable and moody. Skipping basic self-care can make you feel worse.

Reconnecting with a family member or friend

Finding ways to reconnect helps you know that you are not alone in your experiences. Having someone to talk with can help normalize but also provides you the opportunity to work through your feelings. This can be done through video chat, texting or phone calls.

Set Boundaries

Make the decision to engage with people and about what. Remembering that you don’t have to take on the burden to educate people. Setting boundaries about how you engage and disengage protects your time and energy.

Being angry, frustrated, stressed and anxious are all normal feelings to what is happening right now. There are ways to cope with your feelings and to protect your sanity. Incorporating the above tips in your daily life can help with managing your feelings.

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