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  • Tura Johnson, LMFT

Anxiety Due to COVID

The global pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. Many are struggling with being indoors, unknown about the economy, employment and financial concerns, and concerns about the virus.

Constant worry can cause anxiety. Anxiety is the intense and excessive worry and fear about everyday situations. With COVID cases increasing and that unknown feeling, anxiety symptoms can increase. Anxiety symptoms include irritability, restlessness, racing thoughts, unwanted thoughts, excessive worry, fear, feeling of impending doom and physical symptoms of sweating, nausea, palpitations or trembling.

How does one cope with anxiety? How does one stop worrying about COVID? About being stuck indoors? About financial worry? Here are a few tips to help cope with anxiety symptoms:

· Create a consistent routine for each day. Set your alarm, shower, and have breakfast at the same time each day.

· Create a daily "commute" to work/school to set your mind for the day. This can be a walk outside, listening to music, a chat with a friend, etc.

· Choose a workspace that is free of distractions. If possible, avoid bedrooms so that your mind separates work/school from rest.

· Set a daily schedule with breaks for walking, stretching, and activities that do not require looking at a screen. Set an alarm to remind you it is time to get up and move.

· Take breaks away from your workspace for healthy meals and snacks.

· Do things to help you stay calm & focused -- drink water, use fidget toys, use calming scents, listen to ambient music.

· Create a "commute" home like your morning routine.

· Try to limit screen usage to connecting with family and friends.


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