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Introducing Erica Washington, ASW

Erica Washington is a Social Worker who has a distinctive way of communicating with adults, adolescents, and children. The discussion of mental health can often be an uncomfortable one. Erica uses a warm and welcoming tone when discussing mental health with clients. Erica develops a level of trust with the individual to provide support and empathy. In addition, she creates a safe and brave space for individuals expressing their feelings.

What does a typical session look like? Erica’s passion for working in this field is seen through her commitment with her clients. Erica follows the lead of the client. While providing a safe space, clients feel comfortable to share their feelings without fear of judgement. Her ability to build a connection allows for increased ability to explore feelings and thoughts. This creates better opportunities for individuals to achieve emotional wellness.

Erica is ready to help individuals reach their wellness goals. She has open availability to see children, teens, adults and families.



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